Wednesday, 29 November 2017

GP Midgets on YouTube

Sunday 29th September 1974, Wisbech

The Midget footage starts at 5:46 although you will probably enjoy the other racing in the film as well.  One caveat though - the various clips are not shown in date order, for example the Midgets are from 1974 but there is a 1975 SCOTA F1 clip shown before that.

5:58 Green car is Malcolm Goodman, the red car following him is Derek Kisby.
6:01 Orange and black car inside is Keith Fransella with the red front engine of 55 Neil Thomas then the white Fireball of Frank Boyles. Mick Bonner in green is at the back
6:13 the black Dastle is Bob Elson

1975 European Championship, Kaldenkirchen

Arlington 1975

2:32 - brief shots of the Grand Parade
4:23 - about 10 seconds of race footage from the back straight

Posterholt late 1970s(?)

From 1:54

1983, Tilburg

23 October 1983, Kaldenkirchen

1983 Kaldenkirchen

1983 World Championship, Kaldenkirchen (part 1) (part 2)

1984 World Championship, Northampton

Northampton Easter 1992

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