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Sunday 5 May 1968, Brands Hatch

Sunday 5 May 1968, Brands Hatch, 
text from 11 May programme by Harry Barnes

Last weekend in particular was an expensive one as far as the drivers were concerned. Owing to casualties on Saturday at Aldershot and on the following day at Brands Hatch, there is quite a chance that our entries tonight will be less than we had hoped. The two really doubtful starters will be John Davis who drives the M7 car and Rick Stevens driver of M6. Both sustained damage which looked bad enough to prevent them from getting here for the meeting.

John Davis, who built and designed his own racer with the help of an enthusiastic team of friends, was the first man to flip one of the little 'uns. He is alive today thanks to a strong roll-bar, -a good crash helmet and a full-harness type seat belt. All played their parts in ensuring that John will drive again another day. His car looked to be a write off. A front suspension unit collapsed while cornering at speed in the second race at Brands on Sunday. After rolling over two or three times and going through some fearsome gyrations, Davies walked away undaunted. He tells us that he still intends to keep his old car if possible sooner than rebuild right from the start. The other man who will most likely not appear for duty tonight is Rick Stevens, met his misfortunes at Aldershot on Saturday last. Racing in torrential rain, with visibility almost nil, Rick clouted the safety fence in no uncertain manner. The car looked very bent. Once again, the driver walked away unhurt.

Race 1: 1st 3 Geoff Rumble, 2nd 5 Dell Stickings, 3rd 1 Rod Tanswell

Race 2: 1st 5 Dell Stickings, 2nd 4 Pete Smith, 3rd 1 Rod Tanswell

Race 3: 1st 5 Dell Stickings, 2nd 4 Pete Smith, 3rd 3 Geoff Rumble, 4th 12 Nev Whittaker, 5th 8 John Houghton

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