Thursday, 1 January 1970

Saturday 2 November 1968, Wimbledon

Saturday 2nd November 1968, Wimbledon

Mick Miller wins race one
Race one: 1st 22 Mick Miller, 2nd 3 Geoff Rumble, 3rd 2, 4th 1 Rod Tanswell, 5th 14, 6th 4 Pete Smith

Race two: 1st 1 Rod Tanswell*, 2nd 4 Pete Smith, 3rd 14, 4th 22 Mick Miller, 5th 2, 6th 3 Geoff Rumble

Race three: 1st 2 Barry Plummer, 2nd 14, 3rd 4 Pete Smith, 5th 19 Mick Southin (no other finishers)

*Editor's note: I've seen another result for this which shows Pete Smith as the winner of race two.

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