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Saturday 11 May 1968, Wimbledon

Saturday 11 May, Wimbledon
Notes from raceday programme by Harry Barnes

Tonight you will see the drivers lining up for their races in graded order. The fastest men in racing so far, those with the Red stripes on the bonnets of their cars will start at the rear of the grid. Exactly the same system used in Hot Rod Racing. The points chart is published below in order to assist you in following the line-up on the grid.

Points are awarded as follows:

Heats: 1st 3 pts, 2nd 2 pts, 3rd 1 pt.
Final: 1st 6 pts, 2nd 4 pts, 3rd 2 pts.

Editor’s note: Later in the season (as per the Ipswich festival of Speed programme 22/9/68) it appears that the points awarded in the finals were increased as follows:

Final: 1st 8pts, 2nd 6pts, 3rd 4pts, 4th 2pts, 5th 1pt

Race one: 1st 4 Pete Smith, 2nd 10 Graham Pearce, 3rd 1 Rod Tanswell
Race two: 1st 4 Pete Smith, 2nd 1 Rod Tanswell, 3rd 10 Graham Pearce
Race three: 1st 5 Dell Stickings, 2nd 4 Pete Smith, 3rd 3 Geoff Rumble

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