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Midget News, from Wheelspin December 1968

Midget News, from Wheelspin December 1968

From the start of next season, points and gradings for the midget car drivers will be on the same basis as the stox and Superstox. The same method of grid line-up will also apply. This should give much better racing, especially when the sport has gained more recruits. Competitor response is already showing signs of improvement, and this movement should be sustained by the appearance of the midgets at the International Racing Car Show in January. It is hoped that there will be sufficient active drivers on the raceways next year to allow a start to be made on the promotion of team racing, for which events the midgets should be the ideal instruments.

The full amended specification for the sport will be available within the next few days, and the new season contracts are being issued now. Main items of importance to come from the meeting between drivers and the Board of Control held last month are as follows:

It is now compulsory to fit bodies to all cars, (John Houghton's Black Lawnmower now needs modification), car maximum dimensions are now, wheelbase 72", overall length 120", maximum track width 60". Cars must be fitted with any one popular production car engine, of any year, with a 1250cc maximum. Overhead camshafts and superchargers are NOT allowed.
Transmissions may be of any type other than chain-drive. Engines may be. front or rear.

Reviewing the first season of racing midgets, it is encouraging that we now have almost a dozen highly experienced drivers. The man who goes in for this particular branch of motor racing must be in a class of his own. Few drivers, having "flipped" an open cockpit single seater as Graham Pearce, John Davies and Rick Stevens have done, would relish coming back for more. Yet they all did just that. Each man putting up a better performance than ever at subsequent meetings. Rick in particular excelled himself with a tremendous display at the last Brands Hatch meeting of the season. John Davies has unfortunately now left the sport, but his contribution to midget racing in this first season of the sport on Spedeworth raceways was invaluable. I'm sure that John will still race cars of some sort or other somewhere in the future, and on behalf of all connected with Spedeworth I wish him all the very best of luck.

The midget to be shown on the Spedeworth stand at the Racing Car Show is being prepared at the works of Geoff Rumble, driver of the No 3 car, and designer of the Dastle Midgets. I also hear that John Houghton has his own stand at the show, but so far he is keeping his exhibit a secret.

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